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In the heart of Sonoma County, among the redwoods and the Russian River, truth-seekers at this Weekender Retreat can deepen their connection with nature, themselves and the world.


Guerneville is a quaint, former logging town nestled amidst a young redwood forest. This quirky town hosts a plethora of small shops and a public beach area along the Russian River. Guerneville is a superb jumping off point for excursions to the Redwoods, to the Sonoma coast, and to wine country.

We’ll be staying at the Guerneville lodge, a cozy retreat just a short walk from the center of town. The lodge offers rustic and simple accommodations that highlight the beautiful grounds and natural scenery. Rest on the massive front porch, kick up your heels on the banks of the Russian River, or relax with a long soak in the outdoor hot tub.



Redwood Quest "Weekender" will be November 17th, 18th & 19th, 2017. Activities and workshops will begin at 5pm on Friday and continue through 3pm on Sunday spanning two nights and three days.


For those who are seeking to better their lives, our presenters await you at Redwood Quest!

Donna Hartley: A former Miss Hawaii and television actress, Donna Hartley shared her compelling story on NBC, ABC, PBS, and in The New York Times. She is a master speaker and an intuitive mentor. Donna had three near death experiences and overcame these challenges with healthful meditation. Through an unexpected turn of events, a master teacher entered her life and instilled in her these tools. She passes on this wisdom with strategies to blast through those invisible walls that limit you…so you can become unstoppable.

girl Donna Hartley
chicha Edward Francis Pio

Edward Francis Pio is the Executive Director of the International Mind Body Institute in Carmel, California

and has over fifty years of experience teaching focusing-of-the-mind techniques to heal mind and body. Over forty-thousand students have taken his courses. Edward Francis Pio will teach the science of self-healing through such techniques as medical hypnosis, self-hypnosis, light meditation, deep meditation, alert theta brain wave, and yoga nidra deep meditation. Participants will learn to relieve chronic pain and muscle spasms, enhance the immune system, stop headaches (including migraines), improve their quality of sleep, and increase and decrease circulation anywhere in the body.

With over 36 years of experience in training personal and spiritual growth in others, Val Logan’s specialties include hypnotherapy training, neuro-linguistic programming, and gestalt training in the fields of relationship coaching, intuitive communication, and metaphysical manifestation. Val Logan will help participants to explore what it feels like to release forced expectations, to just be in the moment with your own eager excitement. He will guide you to release, re-frame, and replace those unwanted programs that have ensnared you and free you to more powerfully create your life the way you really want it to be.

Val Logan’s method includes seeking your deeply held beliefs that resist positive change and guiding you through your vulnerable feelings to the deeper truth that will set you free to choose a better way of life. This process, for some, will be uncomfortable at first and may create intense and perhaps unwelcome feelings. The payoff of allowing yourself to be guided through these feelings toward greater self-awareness and self-empowerment will dramatically change your life for the better.

girl Val Logan


Are you ready to live more deeply, to see your purpose more clearly? Redwood Quest’s workshops are designed to help improve your relationships, health, finance, and purpose so that your day-to-day experiences bring you greater joy and satisfaction.


Do you seek relationships that bring out the best in yourself
and others?

Every moment in our lives is affected by our relationships with self and with other abounding life forms, and the first step to improving your relationships with others and the world around you is to create a deep and fulfilling relationship with yourself. At Redwood Quest, you will engage in various forms of dynamic interactions in order to help you better know yourself and transform your inner critic into an admirable ally and best friend.

Participants will also learn how to create, attract, and connect with other like-minded people, including life-long partners who will want genuine love and meaningful companionship. They will bond with other participants while developing respectful boundaries in an emotionally and energetically safe environment where vulnerable feelings will be encouraged and safely shared with permission and skillful guidance. These exercises are designed to strengthen communication and learning within yourself and with others, which allows for long-term relationships to deepen and develop over time.


Do you wish
to attain better
and mental health?

With a series of presenters on the subject of health, Redwood Quest provides a well-rounded, holistic view to attaining and maintaining better physical, health and a relaxed state of mind.

Donna Hartley transforms lives and electrifies her audiences worldwide with her storytelling. Donna is a master speaker and an intuitive mentor. Be amazed by her survival story of a DC-10 plane crash, cancer, and heart surgery, which all occurred on the date of a March 1st. She delivers an inspirational message with a twist of drama and humor. Her style is entertaining, memorable, and impactful. Donna transports you to living in the moment and knowing the truth. You will laugh, cry, and become energized to tap into your inspiration, listen to your healthy impulses and connect to your true calling.  Everyone has a story. Once you understand your story and the lessons that are critical for you…there are no limits.

With Edward Francis Pio, participants will learn mind-body skills to relieve chronic pain and muscle spasms, enhance the immune system, stop headaches (including migraines), improve quality of sleep, and increase and decrease circulation anywhere in the body.


Do you aspire to
greater satisfaction
in your financial position?

All people create in their minds what they want and acquire the tools to manifest these desires. So it is with you. At Redwood Quest, you will receive the awareness that your financial destiny is not only achievable, but rests in your hands. Donna Hartley shows you how to connect to your powerful intuition which can guide you to important decisions before you know the outcome. Val Logan will remove mental blocks that are impeding your success. Edward Francis Pio helps you to achieve a state of higher performance, both mentally and physically! You will learn and apply tools such as the law of attraction to realize greater satisfaction by obtaining more fulfilling or easier ways of earning income.

Do you long to deepen the awareness of your purpose for being?

At Redwood Quest, a series of presenters and experiences will help you to connect more deeply to the source of all that is, to realize your place and purpose in the universe.

Val Logan will help you to get in touch with your genuine feelings of creative aliveness. Rather than just going through the motions of everyday life you become more authentically engaged with living. Instead of eating the menu of shoulds, have-tos, and self-doubts, Val will help you to celebrate your successes and choose a satisfying and fulfilling meal of honest goodness. These sessions can be uncomfortable and difficult at first, but immensely satisfying once breakthrough is achieved.

The excursion to the Armstrong Redwoods State Natural Reserve will provide a strong spiritual and emotional benefit to participants. In the midst of the ancient redwood trees, participants will have the opportunity to get in touch with their roots, their place in the universe, and the quiet


center of their souls. For this outing, participants will help to give a special blessing to the planet guided by Valerie Hausman at Guerneville’s Center for Sacred Studies.


Thank you for everything! Ed Pio’s class was so interesting. I didn’t know we had the power to guide our unconscious mind so easily, to heal ourselves and control our bodies. I thought the information he taught was amazing and simple to learn.

Val Logan’s class was scarey for me at first, as I am not used to opening up about my feelings in front of others, but once I got used to it, and saw everyone else doing it, it felt freeing to express how I was feeling. I really liked the concepts he taught, and how he showed me I can be in charge of how my relationships go.

Instead of feeling like a victim, he taught me how to own my feelings and needs, and let others know what is acceptable and what is not, in a firm yet compassionate way.

Also, I enjoyed getting to know everyone so much. It felt like we all belonged there together somehow.

Thanks to Merrill and all the attendees, I had the vacation I never dreamed was possible.The whole trip was a wonderful surprise.

I would go back in a heartbeat.
Vaya Borton


Not sure if you’re ready for the full workshop? Catch a glimpse into the insights we share at one of our upcoming preview events near you.

Don’t wait any longer!

Allow this moment to be a significant turning point in your growing self. We are all here for you. This exciting, fun-filled adventure of self-discovery will give you the ultimate gifts of health, purpose, and wellness in all aspects of your life.


What can I most look
forward to?

The Guerneville Lodge combines a rustic sensibility with beautifully updated touches. It is a small, fifteen-room lodge with a large family room, wrap around porch, shared kitchen, and vast natural grounds abutting the Russian River. Most of the rooms utilize shared bathrooms, and many have small kitchenettes. There are no TVs, but WiFi is available. This sweet, communal style lodging is right along the main road, providing excellent access to the town of Guerneville.

What about free

After the end of the afternoon sessions each day, the evening will be yours to enjoy! Guerneville is a quirky, historical community with plenty of local shops, eateries, and opportunities to enjoy the nightlife. You can even experience sunset from the public beach at the center of town. For those seeking quieter pursuits, the grounds of the Guerneville lodge are perfect for reflection, whether you’re enjoying the whir of the overhead fan in your room, soaking in the outdoor hot tub, or sipping a glass of wine on the bank of the Russian River.

What will we eat?

Three daily meals will be provided at the Guerneville Lodge, courtesy of Chef Helena Gustavsson-Giesea. A graduate of the San Francisco City College culinary school, Chef Helena interned in Garde Manger and Pastry at San Francisco’s prestigious Fleur de Lys restaurant, has worked at Cyrus Restaurant in Healdsburg and the Farmhouse Inn & Restaurant in Forestville, and was the proprietor of Guerneville’s Charizma Wine Lounge. Following the tradition of her Swedish parents, who gardened, foraged, and hunted for food, her cuisine focuses on local and sustainable ingredients.

How much does it


The entire weekend workshop experience:
* Double occupancy rooms $595 per person
* Private rooms $695 per person
* Workshop only, including lunches and dinners $450 per person
* Earlybird discount save $100 per person if paying before Aug 1, 2017

This rate includes the following:

  • Accommodations for a 3-night stay
  • Friday Dinner, Saturday 3 meals, Sunday breakfast and lunch
  • Morning and afternoon workshops designed to help you achieve more satisfying life experiences through a variety of methods
  • Blessing to the planet at the Armstrong Redwoods State Natural Reserve
  • Access to the Russian River and the quaint town of Guerneville
  • And more!
For those without a need for lodging, the cost of workshops lunches and dinners will be $450.
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